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Ranch Style Custom Homes

Ranch Style Country Custom Homes – Yes, it comes as no surprise with our history of Rural, American and Prestige custom homes that one of the frequent styles we build throughout our areas of South East Melbourne through Gippsland is the long-loved Ranch Style Country home.

What is a Ranch Style County home? The image comes to mind of sprawling American Ranches with the low slung single story dwelling, large eaves and plenty of doors and windows.

 Most ranch houses are rectangular, though they are also often found in L or U shapes. There are many distinct styles of ranch homes in America including the California ranch, suburban ranch and split-level ranch. Ranch houses are typically made from natural materials with rough finishes such as timber, brick or stucco. Weatherboard homes are also very common. Ranch houses often have large attached garages.

These homes are also easy to adapt to sloping blocks with the ability to also create daylight basements.

 Here in Australia, we have made a few adaptions to create our own Australian Ranch style with seamless indoor and outdoor spaces, large sliding glass doors, contemporary and Australian style finishes. Cathedral ceilings, stone and timber detailing are also commonly seen in Ranch Style homes.

Australians love this Ranch house style and it suits perfectly to our rural landscapes. Step out the glass door, onto the vine wrapped veranda then down to our dewy grass. You are home!

Our difference is, Actionbuild Custom Homes doesn’t give you plans to build from and a selection of finishes. You started this dream of living in a Ranch style Country home so we let you finish it!… from your own design and your style of finishes. Then let us build the masterpiece with the quality we are renown for. We produce 3D renderings of your home façade with the comprehensive quotation and detailed architectural drawings prior to build so there are no surprises.

Of course, we are here to guide you along the way and make suggestions but we know what is important to our clients building their dream Ranch style country home is to be able to build from design that exactly suits them!


Here are some of our country’s historic ranch style country homes.