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Our Process

Our Process

How to build your fully custom home

Wanting a home just for you?
Ideas and rooms you have always wanted in your ‘dream home’?
That’s what we do best – turn ideas into the actual custom built home you always wanted. It’s actually possible!

Why a custom built home?

The benefits of a fully custom built home are overwhelming. There is no limit on:

Freedom to choose
Getting exactly what you want
Design to suit you. No prescribed plans
Free quoting and assistance with design
Fulfillment of all your ideas

A house with the spaces, rooms, style and finishes you want. That is what makes it YOUR HOME.

Plan of Action

Our Process


It all start with your ideas

Who hasn’t spent time in their life imagining what their own ‘dream’ house consists of? It’s a part of us we can’t be without – our ideal HOME.

Working with other large home building businesses, conformity to trends and their own range of house plans can be limiting and also prevents you getting just what you want by compromising on rooms, sizes, facades and finishes. Actionbuild however only builds fully ‘Custom homes’. It all starts here – we take your dream and house mudmap along with the finishes and style you are after and start the REALITY PROCESS!

Built to love and built to last.


We provide a cost estimate & 3D plans

We go straight to work and start preparing an estimate proposal and 3D plans of your dream home. This is a very fun stage for us and our clients as they can now see and plan for their fully custom built home.

Usually our client already have land purchased which also allows us to estimate site work required.

Built to love and built to last.


Construction of your custom built home

From approvals and permits being issued, it all starts coming together quickly! Now is the time to confirm your home finishes, colours, cabinetry, hardware and right down the the front door. It is all your choice because this is your CUSTOM home! Liaising with the Actionbuild team is easy along the way to confirm details and we have weekly updates right on site or by photos, phone or by email..

Once the site work has been done, slab down, frame up, walls, roof, electrical, plastering, flooring, painting, fixing work, cabinetry…. you are almost there. Can you see how it IS possible to have just the home you always wanted?

Built to love and built to last


Your completed custom built home

Whatever your dream is of your custom built home, this stage is the fulfillment of these! Actionbuild work with you right to the handover and certificate of occupancy being given.

It’s today you can start living in your custom home built just for you.

Built to love and built to last

Turning Imagination Into Reality

Our 25 Years of Experience & Craftmanship Will Deliver The Home You’ve Always Wanted

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